Meeting in Palma, by Portuguese students

It all started on May 4th at 5 pm when students and teachers gathered together at school in Abação. After saying goodbye to our parents, we went to Sá Carneiro airport with our teachers. Around twenty to eight pm we boarded a direct flight to Palma. At quarter to ten pm we met the students and the families we were going to stay with. After, we went to their homes.

On May 5th we got up at 7 o’clock in the morning. We had breakfast and then we went to IES Pau Casesnoves School. Once there, we met all the Spaniards, Poles, Italians, Lithuanians and Estonians. During the morning we met the school’s facilities and we did some exercises with robots. In the afternoon we had free time. Afterwards, each student went home and had the opportunity to see shops, have a snack at McDonalds or play PlayStation 3. In the evening there was a welcoming party at school that was very nice. We were able to socialize and meet some traditional Mallorcan dishes, such as “pan amb oli”. Some of us liked it a lot, the others did not.

On May 6th we got up at 7 o’clock in the morning. We had breakfast and we all met at school. At 9 o’clock we went to Alcudia and to its fantastic beach by bus. After visiting the town, in the north of Mallorca, we practised kayaking and coasteering. It was a day full of emotions.

On May 7th we got up at the same time and after having breakfast we met again at school. After, we went visiting the main tourist attractions of Palma: the Bellver Castle, known for its round shape; the Cathedral, which has two chapels inside, one of them was decorated by the artist Miquel Barceló – his work is admired by some people and it is criticised by others; finally, the Almudaina Palace, the residence of the kings of Spain when they are visiting the island.

On May 8th we got up at the usual time and after having breakfast we went to school. We stayed all day at school building robots and building a mechanical arm. Afterwards, we played football and basketball a little bit.

On May 9th, the last day of activities at school, we saw a film about robotics in the morning. In the afternoon we all went to the beach in Alcudia. It was a very pleasant afternoon, the beach was simply fantastic. In the evening we went to a party at Navarro’s to say farewell.

On May 10th each one of us had different activities. We stayed all day with the families who welcomed us. Finally, on May 11th at half past four in the afternoon, the host families took us to the airport. We said goodbye … with sadness… we were all well welcomed.

We can say that it is a trip to remember. At quarter past eight in the evening we arrived home.
Diogo Ribeiro, Filipa Fernandes e Filipe Peixoto